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Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Are you interested in photography ? Especially in digital photography ? Well if you do then you better to take your time a bit and read this article because we are gonna give you some tips of digital photography for dummies. Because we realize that the fast growing popularity of digital camera makes it a lot easier for people to take pictures, which is resulted in the rapid growing popularity not only for digital camera but also in the digital photography. So this digital photography for dummies may be quite useful for you, especially the one who just start to fall in love with photography and want to learn more about digital photography.

    Digital camera may be easy to use and make everything to take photos to be easier. But still you need the “touch” to make your photos seem like a pro and let your photo to speak it's own story. For our tip right now we are giving you the tip on how to use and imitate professional's trick in order to make your pictures to be more interesting to look at and of course to add the art value of your photoshots. The first tip is take notice of the angle, be creative with the angles. For example for one photo you may take as many angles as possible, and remember be creative in it so you can have various different taste of shots even from the same object. It is best if you can pull out an unexpected angles, and just go wild and free about it. Be creative !

    The next tip is to pay attentions of the background and also behind object of your photoshots. Some people sometimes forget about this factor and only focus on the main object. Sure focusing on the main object is important, but it is also important to pay attentions on the background of our photoshots. Because it will be a loss if we have a nicely taken photoshots with a great object in it but have a distracting background like some random elements like stone or etc. It will reduce the quality of the photoshots. So better to pay attentions, even for the smallest of details.